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Borrowing and Hiring

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On this page you can list tools and other equipment which you are willing to lend or hire to neighbours. You can also post a 'Wanted' notice. Tools are expensive so please think carefully about what would happen if breakages occur.  Advertise the price you want to charge with your listing on this page or negotiate direct with the borrower.


Having a party? We have about 100 wine glasses and champagne flutes available for hire. $5 for 20. $2 per breakage. Phone Lyn 5650354


Greetings All. We have a mulcher/chipper that is available for borrowing/renting or a deal. It chews up whole branches up to diameter of 40mm. I, Matthew, can assist and we are always wanting mulch for the garden and firewood. I do not have a chainsaw.
Contact me or Debbie on 565-1780 (70 Hill Rd).



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